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Coronavirus Mental Health Awareness Month Covid-19 May 2020

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After the First Lockdown of Covid-19 in Wuhan,China. We saw a picture of people dealing with Mental Depression, Hopelessness, Fear. After the 4 Months of the Disease we Have learned so much from making ourself clean to helping others. ( Coronavirus Mental Health Awareness Month )

At First, We all are Afraid from The Disease and there was a moment of panic all around the world. When Everything was Closed. But at the time of heat we had taken precautions due to which, we are moving towards a better Healthy Environment.

Today I Found a Twitter Hashtag Trending as #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth which Inspired me to write an Article.

Through this I want to share my thoughts & what i felt during the whole Coronavirus Pandemic and How it Changed our way of Living our Life. ( Coronavirus Mental Health Awareness Month )

1. We Value Our Family More

  • In Between, Covid-19 we started to value our family more from putting up a mask before going for grocery shopping to Sanitizing our Hands before Entering in the Home. Coronavirus Teached us many things during our Home Quarantined that we have to give more time from our life towards our kids, Parents and friends.
  • At the moment of middle we missed our colleagues, school mates, teachers, colleges, office and everything. From FaceTime to Voice calls we never leave their hands in between any situation.
  • Before Covid-19, We don’t have time to meet our Parents. To spend time with our Kids. We all were Busy. Busy in what? in Making Luxury Life ! in Making Our Fortunes !
  • But Covid-19 Proved that Without Family, Friends and without love, respect for others, there is no Luxury life, no fortune.

2. Spending Time on What we Love

  • We Always thought that we don’t have much time for watching a Netflix TV series or Our Favorite Sci-fi Movies what we never watched because of our busy Scheduled.
  • Covid-19 Gave us Time for Cooking, Blogging, Investing, Reading, Changing our Habits and Learning.
  • at that time We started thinking positively, Without creating Problems for others. From Budgeting For our food to Home Expenses. We were Better than Ever.

3. We Get to know about the Importance of Nature

  • Through Lockdown we learned about the importance of nature and freedom. We never valued our freedom before like we valued it during Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • There was no Poachers Because Markets were closed. Endangered Animals was not at risk anymore.
  • From Sea to River, Water was Clean. There was less number of Plastic Throughout, indeed !

4. Less Polluted Cities Across World

  • Cars were not on Roads, They all are closed and steady in the garage of our homes.
  • There was no Web of Planes in the Sky, Because people were living peacefully without any fly.
  • Factories were Closed, Smoke and Garbage was Stopped. Air Was clean like never before, Our All Scales measured it right before.

5. Unity Among People

  • We saw a Great Example of Unity around the world when everyone was helping and encouraging our brave health workers through donations, funds.
  • In Many Countries people showed Great Gestures by Clapping for the health workers. without going outside from their Homes

6. Support From Celebrities

  • There was a Live Concert held by our favorite celebs as One World Concert which lasted for 8 Hours and Live Telecasted on YouTube for Generating Fund For Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • It was initiated by Global citizen on their YouTube channel with association of lady gaga. Many other singers had also Joined that concert such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie puth, Taylor Swift,etc.

7. Meat Poultry are Closed

  • After the Coronavirus Pandemic. Almost 30 percent of people stopped taking meat Poultry which enrich our natural heritage of animals.
  • Now we learned to focus on Vegetarian foods. I don’t know why we still eat animals because at the start of our evolution we don’t know what to eat or not. But now We evolved mentally, For just a sake of taste we killed our surrounding animals.
  • They Can’t Eat Green Vegetables their teeth and body was not made for Doing that. Take Example of a Cow. Her teeth are not for eating Meat. As ours.
  • Lots of Disease are came from Animals and Birds because we eat them. They have a Body which can fight against that disease. We can’t.

8. Importance of Freedom

  • We Respect our Freedom more than Ever. After Quarantined for over months now we learned to respect ours and freedom of animals with respect to our World.
  • No one should be caged without a reason. Now When we all were in cage. We Learned.

9. We changed ourself

  • We changed ourself throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. But still its not the last. We still has a problem of Climate Change which can’t be handled by putting up a mask and a Sanitizer.
  • So we have to open up our Eyes, For our Next Generation, For our Earth and for The Life on Earth. Otherwise There are Predictions about Climate Change and How our Earth will React to it.
  • So we have to follow norms by Adapting more Natural things and Through changing our habits towards using eco friendly resources which didn’t have effect on earth.

10. At Last, We Respect

  • At Last we learned to Respect our Surrounding, Our Nature. From a Small Bee to a Large Elephant everyone is Doing there work. And we all have to do ours. By Protecting our Nature and Humankind from Diseases like Covid-19 and Climate Change.
  • We can find a cure for a Disease but it will be hard for finding a cure for our planet. Because Right now we are Fighting for only Human kind. But during the time of Climate Change we have to fight for Complete Life on Earth.
  • So change Your Habits Before its too late. Use Eco Friendly Products.
  • Use Fuels as CNG and Biogas. Don’t Use Plastics.
  • Change rules and norms towards recycling of glass and other products. We all want to see Clean Beaches as they are during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Our World must be a Better place as it was During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Share Your thoughts in the Comments Section and tell us what things are changed in between the Coronavirus. And what you learn through this phase of time. ( Coronavirus Mental Health Awareness Month )

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