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Las Vegas Magician and Illusionist Roy Horn Dies at 75 Due to Coronavirus

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Roy Horn was born in Germany in 1944. He and Siegfried began their act in Las Vegas in 1967. In 1989 they began a 14-year run at the Mirage Resort performing illusions with exotic animals, making tigers, lions, even elephants vanish and reappear.

Roy Horn & Seigfried began their career in Las Vegas in 1967. The Performed illusions with Tigers, Lions, Elephants.  Roy Horn Was Born in Germany in 1944.

Roy Horn White Tiger Incident

roy horn

In October, 2003 when Roy Horn was Performing with a White Tiger Named as Mentecore. He was Brutally Beaten by the white tiger when he grabbed his neck and dragged him out of the stage. After that Roy Suffered a Heart Attack and Paralysis.

Horn Recovered through the Injuries caused by that accident and By in 2010 he performed the same act of illusion with the same tiger.

Investigators Said that When Roy Horn Ordered the Tiger to Lie Down, and when he refused to do the same. Roy hit him with a microphone on his nose for which Tiger Insisted and Attacked on His Neck and Dragged him Away from the Stage.

roy horn

After even the So many Reports and Investigation there was no full proof of why Tiger Attacked on Roy Horn. Whether he was not well trained.

Some of the Reports also said that the Tiger saw something in the crowd as a danger and he snapped Roy neck same as they do with their own Cubs.

In that time period, It was a popular Topic of Study on Tiger Behavior with Human Trainers. When Siegfried & Roy Separated after the Tiger Incident they suffered loss in Millions.

roy horn

In 1987, Siegfried & Roy signed a five year $57.5 million contract Deal with Steve Wynn. An of Mirage Casino Hotel Which Worth $640 million at that time.

Animal Rights Activist are Always Against the using of Wild Animals in a Show. ut only the few ones objected during the time of Siegfried & Roy.

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